Installation Instructions

GLAM SCREEN® installs on your device in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Wipe your device screen with an alcohol pad or damp paper towel to remove any finger prints and dust, then dry. You may use the enclosed cloth to remove fingerprints.


Step 2: Peel off ½” (one-half inch) only of the “STEP 1” protective film, right above the circle. Note: Do not remove the entire “STEP 1” film at this point and always avoid touching the adhesive side of the film.


Step 3: Align the protector’s cut-out circle (adhesive side facing down) with the home button on your device's screen; continuing to avoid touching the adhesive side of the film with your fingers in order to avoid getting dust or fingerprints on it.


Step 4: After it is aligned with your devices home button, slowly peel the STEP 1 film away while you affix the rest of the adhesive side to your device.


Step 5: Use the enclosed cloth and squeegee card to remove any air bubbles pushing them to the side, then, as the final step, carefully remove the "STEP 2" film.