Glam Screen vs. Other Brand

You've experienced it.  You buy the cheap imitation designer handbags for a fraction of the cost off the streets and it just doesn't feel right--the zipper breaks in .2 seconds or the strap ends up short enough for a toddler to sport. In the same manner you can buy other mirror protectors online for a fraction of the cost of a Glam Screen®, but the difference between Glam Screen® Super HD Mirror Screen Protectors and other mirror screen protectors on the market are significant. If you don't believe us see for yourself below. 

                                               Glam Screen           Other Brands

As you can see from the pictures above, the imitator is quite obvious.   With the cheap versions of mirror protectors you are unable to see the screen when the light is turned on.  The cheaper version also adds a purple and rainbow hue, making it almost impossible to use your phone comfortably...just like the imitation handbag, it just doesn't feel right.